You're a game changer, you push against the system and strive for change. You're searching for distinctive style.

You know that the way that you look makes a first impression and you're looking to make that impression fast, and make it last. 

That’s why I’ve designed works of Art that you can wear, everyday, everywhere.

Want to know more?

For as long as I can remember I loved making things, teaching, and playing with yarn. As a small child I was influenced by my mom, and her mother ( my grandmother). My mom passed on the teaching gene, while my grandmother and I shared a love for knitting, embroidery and sewing.

Fast forward a few years and it was time for college. I attended Messiah College and studied Art Education with a concentration in Mixed Media studies. ( I also have my masters in Creativity Studies) When I began I was in love with ceramics, however, after touching a loom for the first time, my interest  began to stray to textiles.

From 2006-2007 my life was full of change. I did my student teaching, got married, graduated, found a teaching job, and my husband and I bought our house. Life seemed like it was moving 100 mph and there was no time for making art of my own. I was too busy creating projects for my high school students.

By 2009 I was ready to get my hands back into making for my own pleasure. I found a loom, and turned one of the bedrooms in our home into a studio space, and off I went. Well not really. It had been awhile since I’d woven, so I attempted to follow instructions in book to get me started, but nothing was working, and I was getting frustrated.

My husband was beginning to wonder why we bought a loom ( I wasn’t using it), and frankly, so was I. But I’m not one to give up, so I did a little research, and found that the book that I was following was on recall for missing pages. Well this explained why nothing was working.

Most people would likely simply pick up another book, but I was fed up and decided to follow my heart and my personality and give up directions all together, and thus Amber Kane scarves were born. I stopped following directions and started listening to the materials, threw out the rules, and embraced the process, and I must say some pretty amazing scarves started coming out of the studio.

It then reached a point that I had way more scarves than I needed, and people were asking if I sold them. It seemed like a good idea, so I started selling online, and doing craft shows. ( If you’re thinking about doing shows, you can find my checklist here: http://amberkane.com/free-resources/)

My Experience:


I've enjoyed creating since I was a small child. My grandmother taught me a lot about knitting, embroidery, and sewing.

I received my degree in Art Education from Messiah College where I concentrated in Mixed Media studies. My junior year of college I switched my focus from pottery to weaving. Once I laid my hands on the loom, I knew that I never wanted to stop.

I also have my Masters of Arts from Union Institute and University of Vermont, where I focused on creativity studies... and learned A LOT, about how the creative mind works.