First Class Upgrade
First Class Upgrade

First Class Upgrade

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When you were younger, you thought about traveling the world with nothing more than a backpack. Now that you're a mother, a wife, a professional working women, it seems impossible. 

Then you would have been willing to travel in a coach bus, now you dream of being upgraded to business class. You want to look like Jackie Kennedy, somehow always pulled together, always in style, and always in first class. 

Then you remember, your scarf, folded  neatly in your vegan "leather" bag,  knowing that it will be there to drape over your shoulders when it gets too cold on the plane. ( Your scarf is so much better than having to ask for the fleece blanket that comes in plastic wrap) Wear it as a head scarf on the day when you have to go out in public, but your hair, oh your hair. Cover up the coffee that you just spilled on your stark white button down shirt. 

Wherever you go, whatever you encounter, use your scarf to upgrade life to first class. 


- It's 100% cotton, because if it isn't soft, I won't make it  ( with neoprene fringe) 

- Strong and durable, because it's meant to wear every single day

Approx size: 23" x 70"

Color: Black, white, deep purple


PS: I create because I love the process of discovery, which means that I don't make something more than once. While this might seem like a daunting task to you, it's pure joy for me, plus I love knowing that I"m sending you a scarf that you and only you will ever have. So if you love it, don't delay. 

First Class Upgrade