Power plaid scarf
Power plaid scarf

Power plaid scarf

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How do you want to feel when you walk out the door, when you stand in the front of the classroom, when you write your book?

You soar high above the rest, and are looking to make a bigger impact with less effort. 


When you're walking down the street to your favorite coffee shop, running errands, or going out to lunch with a group friends, your style is making a statement, far before you say a word. 

Is your style sending the right message? Probably not. Let's change that. 


What makes it special?

- It's one-of-a-kind

- made from cotton so that it's light weight and super soft

- it will go with everything in your closet, and give you so many new styling options


What it says?

- You're bold and confident

- You're smart, and know it

- You're intriguing, interesting, fascinating



The Facts:

- 20" x 80"

- made to wear everyday, everywhere, but please handle with care and dry clean

- material: cotton

Power plaid scarf