Joan Woven Wall Hanging
Joan Woven Wall Hanging

Joan Woven Wall Hanging

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Approx: 28" x 53"

materials: cotton and roving

Process: weaving and embroidery

comes with hanging wire

This piece is from the show: Tied in Knots: Untangling the Art of Textiles

I sat in the dining table chair beside her and watched the needle go up and down, up and down, making beautiful embroidered images on the tablecloth that I would eventually add my stitches too.

There was calm and comfort watching my grandmother knit and embroider, along with a deep curiosity to learn how to create what seemed like magic with beautifully colored yarn, beginning my love for fiber and process. 

"By replacing fear of the unknown with curiosity, we open ourselves up to an infinite stream of possibility. We can let fear rule our lives, or we can become childlike with curiosity, pushing our boundaries, leaping out of our comfort zones, and accepting what life puts before us.' Alan Watts

The work is about allowing you to see and experience the process, sparking your curiosity, and hopefully inspiring you to leap out of your comfort zone. 

Joan Woven Wall Hanging