Amy scarf
Amy scarf

Amy scarf

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You just had the most perfect day in the studio.

The lighting was perfect. 

Your ideas sprang to life.

You started the day sipping coffee out of your favorite wheel thrown mug. 

And are ending it with a perfectly poured craft beer that your love just slipped into your hand, as he draped the perfect scarf around your neck.

As though that wasn't enough

With a smile on his face, he slides tickets across the wood table 

Tickets that you've been wanting to buy

Tickets to an escape from your to do list. 

Tickets to a grand advantage, for just the two of you. 

No need for heavy, overstuffed suitcases. 

All you need is your new scarf. 

This scarf will make you feel: Bold, Creative, Affluent

- Cotton, because if it isn't soft, I won't make it

- Strong and durable, because it's meant to wear every single day

Approx size: 22" x 76"


PS: I create because I love the process of discovery, which means that I don't make something more than once. While this might seem like a daunting task to you, it's pure joy for me, plus I love knowing that I"m sending you a scarf that you and only you will ever have. So if you love it, don't delay. 

Amy scarf