Kuma handwoven cotton scarf
Kuma handwoven cotton scarf

Kuma handwoven cotton scarf

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You're looking through your closet, everything looks boring, blah, basic. 

You look at the clock, you're already five minutes late, and aren't even dressed.

Then you see it, the fringe of your favorite scarf, pushing it's way out of your dresser drawer. 

You sigh with relief, and smile with excitement. You grab the scarf, the one that seems to have magic woven through it. It matches everything, makes even the most basic outfit stand out, and you always receive compliments when you wear it. 

As you drape it over one shoulder, you wonder, Why I don't wear this everyday?


100% cotton

Multi colored

Handwash cold

approx: 16" x 72"

Kuma handwoven cotton scarf